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Energy Audits and Consultations

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Home and Commercial Energy Audits

See if your home or office’s energy efficiency needs improvement by scheduling a home energy audit or commercial energy audit with us today. Our professional staff can provide precise third-party energy auditing, which follow the guidelines of the HERS index. We scan the location with infrared thermal equipment to accurately determine where heat is escaping the structure. We thoroughly examine existing insulation to make sure it is up to date.

energy efficiency consultations

Starting a new construction project and want advice? Are you interested in improving the current energy efficiency of your home or business? We can provide you with a consultation, offering guidance on how to improve your structure’s energy efficiency. We are able to assess your unique structure’s architecture and evaluate how efficient the existing insulation is. We determine if you need to update insulation, and establish what type of insulation is best. We make recommendations for insulating attics, crawl spaces, walls, roofs, and basements to determine what will work best for your space. Our insulation experts offer advice and recommend the insulation types and the coatings (including fireproofing coatings, vapor barriers, air barriers, and water barriers) that will work best for your structure.

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